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Meet my network: dwarfs and Giants

Johanna about dwarfs and Giants

dwarfs and Giants are my “work//home” in Austria – and my go-to partner for whole-hearted systemic transformation work. I appreciate them for their mindfulness of the vulnerability of people in transformation settings, their resilience to hold difficult questions and their near-to 360 degree view on organisations.

Our joint journey started in 2017 when I participated in the next:pedition. We’ve been doing systemic case work together ever since and I am now one of their ecosystem partners.

Gerhard from dwarfs and Giants about Johanna

Johanna´s superpower is to carefully design and facilitate meaningful gatherings and co-creative formats - with magical moments, laughters and a clear output.

At dwarfs and Giants we co-create with our clients their individual transformation-journeys to next:land. When customer centricity and innovation culture are on the map, Johanna is our go-to person. She brings in her facilitation expertise, sharp thinking and design thinking practice.

We are fellow travellers to next:land


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