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Welcome To My Virtual World Café

The Art of Hosting goes digital

Late December 2020, I spent one Saturday afternoon preparing for my very first online World Café - by building a virtual Café in the online whiteboard tool miro. I must admit - I am quite proud of it 😂 And it works really well! By now I have hosted several virtual World Cafés with it.

The World Café is one of my favourite Art of Hosting methods

It's a powerful dialogue format that connects everyone in the room in a lighthearted manner, yet still facilitating deep conversations. The method is inspired by actual conversations when you meet friends in a Café. The light mood, the joy of diving deeply into a topic, the easy flow of conversation...

A World Café lives of the atmosphere in the room. Kinda hart to replicate that in the virtual world - so a visual representation of the café space is even more important. The template is published on the miroverse, go check it out:

It makes me happy to imagine that people that I don't even know will use it. So I want to encourage you to use the template - and to also put your own work out there!


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