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Meet my network: Eberhard Schächterle

Johanna about Eberhard

Eberhard and I go way back to our student times when we both studied business engineering. Since then, we've worked together as facilitators and consultants in many different settings. "What would Eberhard do?" became my credo whenever I got into a sticky situation. I am impressed by his intuition and tact when dealing with people in complicated situations. Nowadays, Eberhard combines those people skills with his "nerdy side" and facilitates innovation sprint workshops to develop concrete solutions. So he's my go to person for hands-on innovation challenges!

Eberhard about Johanna

Conversations with Johanna have changed the course of my life for the better several times - she has a unique gift to listen, understand and ask the one question or share the one experience that is really helpful in that moment. That’s what I love about working side by side with Johanna for clients. Johanna practices what she preaches and as a business engineer, entrepreneur, facilitator and visualisation artist she sees a much more complete picture of business challenges than others.


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