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I am Johanna.


And I believe that the world will become a better place if we all do more of what we truly believe in.

In my opinion, this is especially relevant in the business world... for me that translates into:

  • joining our forces and co-creating while

  • keeping clarity on our common goal and

  • each of us bringing in our authentic selves

In other words: My mission is creating space for people to collaborate with authenticity – at work.


I can support you, if you're in the following situations:



You want to establish a culture of Innovation in your team or organization. Because Innovation at its best means everyone is using their full potential - and with a sprinkle of inspiration leading to solutions that none of you could've realized alone.


You have the feeling that you and your team & organization need to change. And you want that change to come organically out of what is - instead of being forced onto you. So you're looking for guidance on your way from old to new.



You're finding yourself in a complex situation, e.g. where you have a multitude of stakeholders involved that  need to work towards a common goal. Now you wonder how to navigate and include all those different perspectives.


This is what it feels like working with me:



& Connected

We are in this together. And we have everything needed to build awesome solutions.



& Holistic

Weaving our perspectives together in order to see the bigger picture.



& All-In

What you see is what you get.
I use and engage all senses - body, head and heart!



& Explicit

I say what is. I bring clarity by finding patterns and making them explicit.


Iterative &


Starting with prototypes to learn from - one step at a time and with a clear goal in our minds.

Ok, but what does that mean, really?
I can do the following:


Concept Design for Co-Creative Formats

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Sparring on

Concept Design

& Facilitation

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Facilitation of Co-Creative Formats

read more


Team Coaching

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Founders Coaching

read more


Leadership Coaching

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I help you to innovate
with honesty.

For either 2 people or 500, for either 1 day or several years – as long as it's about you collaborating and wanting to achieve something together, I'm game.

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